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Russ's Typecase

Opinions and Less Thoughts

20 November 1942
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What's to say? Went to college/grew up at University of Chicago in the 1960s, sat in for integration, came close to flunking out, went into the Peace Corps (Brazil, public health) with my wife Harriet. Came home early, had a long career in various aspects of publishing including university presses, computer journalism and product reviews, graphic and publication design, university publications (including catalogs and alumni magazine). Fantasized about auto racing, but never actually did anything much except dream (yes, I once owned a BMW and got over it). Moved to New England (Worcester) in 1970 for a job and pretty much stayed put ever since. Fell in love with the Maine coast, especially Mt. Desert Island. Was married for 41 years before breast cancer ended the relationship. Active in local UU church and Al-Anon activities in Worcester area. Most of my current reading is mysteries and thrillers (pseudo-technical, pseudo-historical) plus a small amount of science nonfiction.